Ilesh Shah & Dipti Shah

The unbeatable partnership for life of a husband and wife duo has been extended to the professional stratum as well by Mr. Ilesh Shah, who with clear foresight, envisaged and established his own establishment Ilesh Infracap Pvt. Ltd., with his wife. Mr. and Mrs. Shah with their ideation process have put together a team of young and focused professionals in a stimulating and technology-savvy work environment to provide financial services to clients.

Mr.Ilesh Shah believes that advancement in every aspect of life is the key to success and the means to achieve this ends is adaptability and flexibility. Therefore, in Ilesh Infracap, the latest and modern innovations in the work procedures have been incorporated before they become apparent and common place in the rest of the industry.

In order to have diverse views and expertise guiding him in his endeavour, Mr Ilesh Shah has highly qualified directors and staff, who have an rich experience in this field, constituting the management team. Mr. Ilesh P. Shah is a focused individual and a proliferate achiever of various goals he sets for himself and the organization from time to time. The company has a vast pool of influential business contacts and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry which ensures a steady steam of clients and projects to Ilesh Infrcap.

The company successfully handles client-servicing, sourcing and delivering solutions by products technical back-up. The sincere approach and conscientious ingenuity puts to test even the best of the competitors - be it local or national or international.

The appreciation for the firm's 'Quality Management' has come from its Valued Customers, who have only registered ever enhancing faith & trust for the firm's critically judged and acclaimed performances. The company today boasts of an enviable long list of prime & elite client members. This has been made possible owing to the relentless pursuit of research and development to provide clients with state-of-the-art products and services in the least possible time, backed by value based performance ethics, transparency of operations and spirit of excellence in all efforts. As a result the firm has had the strength to withstand healthy global competition and be counted as one of the elite global leader in this industry.

Mr. Ilesh Shah dons multiple caps in his professional life. Besides being the promoter of Ilesh Infracap, he is also a privileged member of the reputed Ahmedabad Stock Exchange (ASE). He also has a stake in a travel industry venture named Opal Tours that deigns customized international Holidays to suit all needs and all pockets. Opal Tours also provides the whole set of regular Travel related services that most Tour Operators do. They are IATA accredited, provide visa services, arrange forex. The Company's specialization is in arranging tailor made trips to foreign locales especially Europe even in shoe string budgets.

Mr. Saurin Patel & Mr. Jaymesh Patel

In 1996-1997, a fledgling civil engineering company establishing new levels of performance in the construction industry scenario of Ahmedabad. This new star in the horizon was Ridhi-Sidhi Enterprise which redefined the work ethics in the entire industry by delivering more than what was promised to the client while the contrary was the norm in the industry scenario. Relatively young but with more than thirty years of experience, driven by resolute optimism and true grit, Late Mr. Pravin K. Patel, a qualified civil engineer, gathered a team of like-minded, smart and knowledgeable professionals to undertake projects and assignments that would have daunted those faint of heart. In just a little over ten years, Late Mr. P.K. Patel achieved such impressive milestones with his company that they look like benchmarks for the entire industry. Impressions about Ridhi-Sidhi Enterprise's efforts are virtually etched in each of its client's testimonials - be it corporate or retail. Each of the completed projects speaks volumes about the quality of work and the time-bound performance of the company engineers.

The Company's aim is ‘‘To optimize and exceed the needs of industrial construction with client-specific, custom designed solutions and to bring to the field of industrial construction global standards in infrastructural support.’’ Realistic solutions being elusive and deceptively simple, corporate teams spend countless unproductive hours and money just working out economics and feasibility of an industrial infrastructure. Ridhi-Sidhi Enterprise as an industrial infrastructure company offers to undertake turnkey projects that shall take care of all the requirements of the client at one go in one place.

Ridhi-Sidhi Enterprise assures the best in planned infrastructural support to industries requiring state-of-the-art solutions in structures ranging from simple warehouses to the most complex structures, from simple storage sheds to mammoth engineering and chemical plants that are feasible and cost-effective. The Company possesses all the requisite equipment, engineering expertise and manpower, including logistic management procedures to fulfill time-bound projects.

The best qualified brains are always at work to meet and even exceed the expectations of the most demanding technocrats, with over eleven years' experience of engineering achievements to impel the Company forward to conquer new horizons. The Company's clients have discovered that in working with Ridhi-Sidhi has the distinct advantage of scheduled completion of projects. Scheduling carries all the experience to the next level of excellence of engineering and managing a flexible pattern of work to customize skills, better materials, and skilled manpower for the plant or structural project.

Late Mr. P.K. Patel believed that only a fully integrated planning and operational corridor with clients can make ideas and designs conform to realistic options. Our solutions empower a client to control every stage of the project where compliance with norms and concerns, such as considerations of space, of effluent course, of environment-specific modalities are of the highest priority.

It is attention to detail that has earned the Company the respect and appreciation of customers, and prestige in a short span of just a few years. No two clients' requirements and preferences are similar and flexibility and ingenuity in fulfilling the requirements satisfactorily has the key to acquiring fame and name as a Company that delivers. Having put in the hard work to establish the Ridhi-Sidhi among the luminaries of Ahmedabad's construction industry, Late Mr. P.K. Patel guided and introduced the second generation of his family, his sons Mr. Saurin Patel and Mr. Jaymesh Patel who both are technically sound having degree of Civil Engineer. The dynamic duo bring in fresh approaches to the way the business is run and innovative ideas that is so synonymous with generation next. With the involvement of the second tier of Patels in the Enterprise, the Company has now a judicious and unbeatable combination of Experience and Young Turks working in tandem to conquer a lion's share of the Industrial Infrastructure Industry's market. There has been a lot of investment made in enhancing the assets of the Company that shall make it capable of undertaking any state-of-the-art project for a plant pertaining to any and all industry.

Mr. Ronak Shah

It is said that the road to success and accomplishment starts with belief in one's own abilities and the realization of the abilities to their full potential. Such is the norm by which self made men have sworn by and Mr. Ronak Shah, who is in charge of the marketing activities of the Sigma Group is also one such self made man. He started out as an apprentice in one of the reputed builders company even while he was completing his education. In a short span of 15 years he has sold over 60 to 70 Lac Sq. Ft. consisting of 1100 flats, 100 bungalows and other commercial spaces whose total value is about Rs.2000 to 2500 crore.

His early start and that too right at the bottom of the hierarchy has given him rich insights in to the technicalities involved in the construction Industry. He during his rookie days, worked in various departments of the construction company and has in depth knowledge of all the aspects of a building project. His experience and grasp of the multifarious issues involved in commencing any project be it commercial or residential or industrial makes him the ideal man to liaise with the clients, thus making him the face of the company and the marketing man.

Mr. Ronak Shah, with his experience is in a unique position to anticipate the requirements and the apprehensions of a client vis-à-vis a project. Therefore, in Sigma Group, he has taken the onus of marketing all and any projects by the group. His excellence lies in packaging a project in such a manner that it appeal to many groups of property purchasers yet at the same time appeals to each investor with all his or her specific requirements in tact.

In these days of economic slowdown and recession, many buyers opt for financed purchases be it through a NBFC or a National bank or Private bank. Mr. Ronak Shah is responsible for liaisoning with these authorities and undertaking the requisite procedures and approvals that ensures smooth finance procurement for any client who might be interested in purchasing property in any of the Sigma projects.

With Mr. Ronak Shah as a part of the Sigma team, starting a new venture at any time is very reassuring as the Sigma management can always count on him to present the project in the best and most attractive manner to potential buyers and make the Sigma project the talk of the town as the best real estate of the most assured quality that money can buy.

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